Speed up germination 

Hello all, 

I recently planted roman camomile seeds, sadly they don’t germinate for up to a month. My dad, a brilliant Gardner shared the awesome secret of speeding up germination. All you need is a paper towel, resealable bag and a tea towel. 

  1. Place the paper towel inside the resealable bag.
  2. Sprinkle on desired seeds, making sure they’re separated.
  3. Gently spray the paper towel with water, it will absorb the water and feed the seeds for the next few days. 
  4. Reseal the bag and turn it upside down, place onto a tea towel and fold.
  5. Place by a window, where it will be warm.
  6. Check on the seeds everyday and within a few days white roots will appear.
  7. When tiny green shoots appear, it’s time to plant them into pots. Use tweasers to refrain from damaging the root. 

Love always x

2 thoughts on “Speed up germination 

  1. Roman chamomile is a short-lived perennial for us, but rarely blooms. German chamomile, the annual, is taller and a prolific flower producer, which is what you need to make teas and infusions. German also self-seeds, which is an added bonus. They do need light to germinate.


    1. Both varieties are used medically for inflammation, fevers, nervous and digestive systems. Both are also pain relieving, antibiotic, antibacterial and sedative.


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